5 Boat Maintenance Checklist Every Teenager Should Know

Kids should learn about boat maintenance from an early age so that they can keep it safe and healthy for years.

Boating is a fun activity for kids whenever they get some free time. If you accompany them, they will learn the nuances of how to take the boat for a ride and understand what to do during high tides and low tides. But apart from riding the boat, another essential part is maintaining it. Kids should learn about boat maintenance from an early age so that they can keep it safe and healthy for years. If your child has a mini-size boat, let him/her take care of its maintenance. Only guide them with the following tips:

1) Cleaning the boat

Always instruct your child to wash the boat using freshwater. Dirt and mud tend to build up quickly when the boat is not in use. Help your kid to use a hose so that he/she can spray down the accumulated dust on the boat. It is better to use soapy water first and then freshwater. This helps to clean the difficult areas quickly. Tell your children to use the hose up close on the muddy areas so that they break down easily.

2) Checking the batteries regularly

Batteries will wear down over time. So, children should know when the batteries experience power drains to avoid being deserted in the middle of the lake. According to experts, one of the boating safety tips includes regular battery checks. Every boat should have a voltage meter. Teach your child how to operate the device. Instruct them that if they notice any of the battery has low power, they should always charge it before going on a ride.

3) Winterizing the boat

Winter is not the season to go boating. The lakes will probably freeze by the time December sets in. This is the time to keep the boat under a comfortable shade. The more carefully you protect the boat, the better it will work when your child takes it for a ride. If your teenager can’t find a climate-controlled boat storage facility, the best he/she can do is cover it with a tarp. That’s the most inexpensive way to winterize a boat.

4) Cleaning the windows

Most boats come with side windows. Like cleaning the boat, your child should also learn to clean the windows using freshwater and a cleaner. Windows near the bow and waterline get dirty frequently. Instead of using only water, show how to clean the window using a cleaner. It keeps the glass spotless.

5) Cleaning the flooring

If your teenager’s boat doesn’t have a self-draining floor, it is wise to vacuum the debris away once a week. Food crumbs, water, dirt, and mud, find their way under the cockpit floor. The best way to clean the floor is shaking the carpet and vacuum cleaning it. Depending on the quality of the carpet, you can also wash it with water and dry it before using it again.

Regular maintenance improves the life of the boat. If your child knows how to ride the boat, he/she should also know how to maintain it so that you don’t have to buy another one in the next few years.

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