FamiSafe: A Protective Eye Always on Your Child

In the era of developing technologies, the risks and dangers associated with it are equally developing.

In the era of developing technologies, the risks and dangers associated with it are equally developing; the people who are more prone to get affected by the dangerous side of the technology rather than being advantaged by it are teenagers and children. And the people who are most worried and concerned about their safety are their parents.

Parents cannot keep a track of their kids all the time, nor the kids bother informing about their whereabouts and their engagements in the current era, as many harmful sites and places are no far to make our kids a victim and prey to their evilness. Keeping these current situations in mind “Wondershare” have come up with their latest creation called the “FamiSafe”, it is a parental monitoring app that is fast, reliable and real-time, that has amazing features that is the dream of any parent, it helps not only to keep a track of their whereabouts in the locality but also know their kids’ whereabouts on the internet as well.

Key Features

This app is smartly designed keeping all the points in mind hence it is one of its kinds; the priority for the developers is the ease of its users. It comes in with features that include monitoring app usage, monitoring web content, tracking browsers’ history, etc and the most used and recording-breaking feature is location tracking and geo-fencing.

●      Monitoring screen-time

Parents can see the usage and time spent on apps by monitoring app usage, by doing this they will know which app the kid is spending most of the time on and can restrict its time period so that it is blocked for the desired time from the kids’ phones, it also helps to keep a record and check web browsers’ history, monitor the content that is viewed and control it or put it in the restricted category for safe browsing and time limited internet usage.

●      Tracking Location

The most popular feature of this app is how it allows tracking location with an advanced feature of showing location history as well, parents have the advantage to set a specific radius for their children, any movement out of the radius will quickly send an alert to the parent’s phone, so the parents are never worried if their kids are wandering far from home or their routine places.

●      Monitor Web content surfing

This app helps in ensuring that children are free from any danger that is prevailing around them, whether it is in the real world or on the internet, this app aids in making sure kids are away from any harmful content or forming an addiction to anything on their devices.

This app is easily available on the play store for android devices and app store for Apple devices, it is very easy to install and use without any complications for its set up, once installed on the target device, parents can very conveniently control the app through their phone. The app is trusted and reliable with no fear of malware.

The app is free of cost and has a 3 days trial period for its customers’ ease, and after that, it has different packages for its subscriptions that are currently three in number.

The developers are giving a flat 20% off for its customers by giving a discount coupon that is SENSFOFF to avail the discount.

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