Growing the Heart of the Home

Being a mom and wife is hard y’all. You lose yourself and find yourself daily. You realize the impact of your words and actions as they are reflected in your children, and therefore future generations. Some days you rock it, and other days you feel like an utter failure.

I have a tendency to get lost in the daily grind, to focus on lists and schedules, as do many other moms. But it is so important to shift that focus to the heart of my home. Is my home welcoming, do my kids feel safe? Am I a soft place for them to fall, or am I prickly, annoyed and stressed?

Being mindful about these questions is half the battle. You may still have days where you mess up, where you doubt yourself. But going into each day with open eyes about what matters is priceless. Your children, and future generations, will thank you for it.

Moms (and Dads), we’re not just raising kids, we are raising adults. What kind of father, mother, husband, or wife, will your kids be, based off of your parenting? Be the kind of adult that you needed when you were a kid, when no one may have seen you, when no one understood why you hurt.

Don’t minimize your impact as a parent for you are creating your legacy now through your actions!

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