How Quickly Can You Complete Divorce Online?

Before you decide on doing everything through a website, you will probably want to find out exactly how fast online divorce is. It will depend on several factors. Read on to find out how the below-mentioned factors can affect the duration of the procedure.

Factors That Even the Best Online Divorce Services Cannot Rule Out

Waiting Period

How soon you can get divorced greatly depends on if your state will want you to wait a particular number of days before the dissolution of your matrimony will come into effect. During this period, you may probably change your mind and decide to reconcile. Or at least, you will have a few days to adjust to your new civil status.

Take note that different states establish their specifications regarding this period. While some have it, others don’t. Let us say, if you file in California, be ready to wait for half a year. In Tennessee, they will require you to have a ninety-day waiting period if you have kids and a sixty-day one if you don’t. Moreover, there are places, where you are not allowed to e-file your docs unless you have been separated for a year or so. For detailed info about your state’s specifications, contact your family lawyer or browse your court’s website.

Type of Your Divorce

Many states allow filing for no-fault uncontested divorces via the Net when no one bears quilt for ending their marital relations and there are no unsolved questions left. Things are different when it comes to filing for fault-based cases when people claim cruelty, adultery, and other reasons that stand behind their decision to end their marital relations. Those interested in slowing down the procedure can complete many issues intentionally, and you can be one of them. While a fault-base divorce doesn’t stop the whole process, it does make it much longer.

Residency Requirements

These are what can increase your waiting time. Some states will require you to be physically presented there for a particular period before you can file. An attorney-at-law is a person who can provide the needed explanation on the issue.

Uncontested Divorces are Faster

If you strive to avoid all the troubles that usually come with a trial, then getting divorced through the Internet is what you need. In this case, you and your “almost” ex have to sign a settlement so that the case can move fast. All you have to do is to find common ground with each other and make sure that the package is complete before being submitted with a court-house. The fastest way to end your marital relations on paper is to start a no-fault uncontested case. Depending on the state you are filing in, the procedure can take from thirty days to a few months.

Contested Cases are Longer

If your couple has many unsolved issues, then it is impossible to have everything done only via the Internet tools. It will take much time before you two can go separate ways. This is mainly because there will be a trial held. If you sum up the days required for a trail and a waiting period, the whole procedure can take a year or so.

Serving the Papers

Even if you decide on obtaining services from an online divorce company, sooner or later you will have to serve your docs to your partner. And it may happen that he or she will try to avoid meeting your lawyer or a process server intentionally. Such a scenario may also make the whole process last longer.

Complexity of the Case

If you find your marital relations on the rocks, then be ready to wait for a while until they are ended. Those couples, which have much to divide, have a case that lasts longer than others. However, if your couple can arrange all the matters with ease, then you two can have everything done faster online. Take note that even a difficult case can be managed by an agreement and move flawlessly.

If Your Partner Has Hidden Assets

Ascertain yourself that your partner doesn’t hide any funds, jewels, and so forth from you. If you place his or her honesty in question, then you cannot have an easy divorce online for sure. In this case, consulting an attorney is inevitable. Even though this may drag your case, you surely don’t want to drop something that belongs to you like a hot potato.

Your Local Courthouse’s Workload

If your court-house has many trials to conduct, then be ready to wait for a while. Your case has to be scheduled first and only then you can get an idea of how soon your waiting period starts. If there are many people residing in your location, then it is more likely that there are many cases that are to be considered first. A heavy workload of your court-house will add to the length of the procedure.

How to Make It Faster

You can give a boost to the procedure by preparing your docs and filing them via the Internet tools, but this is possible only if your couple can settle the following issues:

  • custody;
  • visitation order;
  • health insurance;
  • separation of real estate, jewels, debt, etc.

Be sure that you qualify to fill out the needed forms on the Net and e-file them. For this, learn your state’s specifications and fill out correct forms; otherwise, you will have to contribute additional time redoing them. Online divorces are usually faster than others, but you can benefit from one only if you and your “almost” ex are honest with each other and do your best to find common ground with no third-parties being involved in the process.

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