Top 5 Questions to Ask to Make Kitchen Remodeling Way Easier

Revamping your kitchen need not be an overwhelming and stressful affair. With proper planning and ample research, you’ll save time, energy, and money. To make things more convenient, here are five questions to ask when remodeling the kitchen.

#1: Why Do You Want to Remodel Your Kitchen?

Before you set a budget for your project, determine your purpose for remodeling.

  • If you’re remodeling the kitchen for a café or restaurant, expect to spend more time on the planning and budgeting process. It should be made clear that kitchen remodel cost planning and project estimation for a food establishment is something you would want to tackle with accuracy.
  • If remodeling is meant to improve the resale value of your home, then underspending is not an option. Of course, overspending isn’t either. Weigh your options wisely and set a budget that’s simultaneously convenient for your pocket but won’t defeat your purpose.
  • If it’s for your satisfaction alone – let’s say, for example, the kitchen is your favorite part of the home, and you desire a different look and feel without spending too much – then it’s acceptable to place limits on your budget.

#2: How Do You Choose a Design?

As much as possible, choose a kitchen design that’s somewhat similar to and doesn’t go against the general theme of your home or establishment. You wouldn’t want the finished project to look out of place, as if it were cropped from someone else’s home. If it’s for a café, it’s imperative that your kitchen design corresponds aesthetically well with your establishment’s identity and branding. 

#3: Is It Practical to Rearrange Plumbing Layout?

No. You’ll be less stressed if you retain the original plumbing structure of your kitchen. The kitchen remodel cost can be extremely high if you decide otherwise, especially if remodeling is to be done in an older home. It can be really expensive to move gas and water pipes to accommodate reconfigured stoves, ovens, sinks, or dishwashers.

#4: What is the Work Triangle Concept? And Should You Stick to It?

Ideally, designers recommend that you stick to the work triangle concept – an imaginary triangular pattern between the sink, the fridge, and the stove. This layout dates way back to the 1940s and still proves to be great in maximizing kitchen space and creating an efficient work area.

Also, it’s practical to place the dishwasher next to the sink to save yourself from perpetually cleaning up drips on the floor. When remodeling a kitchen, aesthetic consideration should never defeat functionality.

#5: Should I Ditch Old Cabinets and Buy New Ones?

Buying new cabinets can take a big chunk from your working budget and thus, should be your last resort. Check the wood quality and working order, and if both are still good, it will save you a fortune to salvage and restore your trusty old cabinets.

Give them the necessary facelift – add new doors, and re-laminate and repaint fronts and sides – and your kitchen cabinets will look brand new. If you want great-looking cabinets, clean and lightly sand them before having them spray-painted by a pro. Painting cabinets is something you wouldn’t want to DIY lest you end up spending double by hiring a pro after a failed DIY attempt.