Weekends, a Nice Place to Visit

“Summer days and the summer nights are gone,
Summer days and the summer nights are gone,
I know a place where there’s still something going on.”

Ah, Dylan you are still the man. And last weekend those lyrics were so appropriate. We (my wife and I) were invited to a party. It may not seem impressive, but we do not get invited to many things, so it was kind of a big deal. And we had a good time. Our friend Susan always has great parties, lots of food, including spicy chicken bratwurst, which were amazingly good, and my wife tells me contain a lot less fat. Lots of laughter, joking and reminiscing, of course it was kind of a voyeuristic pleasure since the memories so cherished were from other lives, but it is almost too easy for me to get swept up in happy, cheerful tales of indulgent youth. Good music, there was a lot of music from my childhood, Credence Clearwater Revival, and I am sure I heard Mr Soul by Buffalo Springfield, and who doesn’t love a song that explains modern life in such vivid detail. “Stick around while the clown who is sick does the trick of disaster.”

“Everybody get ready – lift up your glasses and sing,
Everybody get ready to lift up you glasses and sing
I’m standing on the table, I’m proposing a toast to the King”

We left the party in time to get home and buy our sons a pizza, and rent a movie (“hey, Mom what credit card do you want me to put it on?” “How about yours, your highness”. “Muppets; Most Wanted.” A great movie with appearances by several well known stars, including Frank Langella as a Vicar, Salma Hayek, as Salma Hayek, and Usher, the hip hop star, in a surprising twist, as an usher. My favorite part was (not a spoiler alert) when Evil Kermit, (yes, evil Kermit, the frog desperado) tells the muppets that Fozzie bear quit the Muppets, and one of the Muppets asked excitedly “you can quit the Muppets?” As a movie it had it all, action, song and dance, prison escapes, explosions, and Muppets, who could ask for more. Which brings me to my next point.

When my sons were younger they would never watch “A Muppet Christmas Carol” with me, I love that movie. A classic tale of reformation, with Muppets. Life makes little sense. Which brings me to my last point.

While driving to work this morning I saw three school buses lined up side by side at a stop light this morning, They had just turned onto an important street in this town, one with three lanes in each direction, and a turn lane. And, they were lined up side by side, waiting for the light to turn green. Naturally, as a normal human being I couldn’t help but pick one that I thought would win the race to the next light. I chose the one in the middle. It was too hard to pick right or left that early in the morning, and middle seemed safe. Unfortunately, the middle bus came in last, the one on the right was the clear winner. I cursed the driver of the middle bus, and went on my to work. I am used to picking the wrong horse in almost any race, it is kind of a gift.

Until next time, when you will see a video history of our company, (with video, still pictures, titles, transitions, and musical background) in no particular order if I get it done, keep your head down, stay frosty, and vote for Dr. Dawg it is your only hope.

This post was previously published on Life Explained and is republished here with permission from the author.

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