Writing For Results With Rob Kosberg

Writing a book can be a valuable business growth tool, but it has to be done right. Today I’ve got Rob Kosberg, founder of Best Seller Publishing, on the show to share exactly what it takes to create a book that will do well. He shares his unique career journey, from real estate to financial services to publishing, as well as key insight on career growth and success.

We discuss the different elements a book needs in order to be successful and impactful, and why it’s so important to write a book in your own voice. Listen in to learn how Rob’s publishing method works, his process for capturing the author’s voice, and what elements a book needs to be a success.



  • How Rob dealt with failure and turning things around to switch up his career.
  • What got him started with writing.
  • Who Rob works with and how they use writing to further their careers.
  • The importance—and the challenge—of capturing an author’s voice.
  • The hybrid process Rob uses to capture and implement all the right elements into a book.
  • How the process of shifting from career to career worked for him.
  • How to reposition your book as a solution rather than an autobiography.
  • What it takes to write a book that people really care about.

Previously published on thetoponepercent.com.

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